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"I can make fetch happen" t-shirt
Sitter holiday email
Sitter Holiday email
Sitter holiday email
Summer owner city guide email

Founded in 2011, is the nation's largest provider of pet care services to owners looking for them. As a two-sided marketplace, Rover works to ensure everyone (owners and sitters) can experience the love of pets.

In my current position as a copywriter, I create and write communications targeted towards sitters, including emails, social ads, seasonal campaigns, and swag (like t-shirts). We are continuously trying to engage with sitters to help them not only build their small businesses, but also turn them into Rover brand evangelists.

The campaigns and projects I've worked on have had a very positive influence on the sitter community, driving overall engagement and bookings on the site.

Printed bill insert
Printed bill insert
In-app banner ad
In-app banner ad
E-service page from in-app banner ad


As one of the top mobile companies in the country, T-Mobile is continually trying to retain and engage their existing base, while also recruiting new customers.

In my position as a copywriter at Wunderman, my job was to bring ideas to life to existing customers through different customer communications, including emails, SMS and MMS messages, and other digital and mobile mediums. 


The campaigns I was involved in increased retention among customers and performed positively, meeting and exceeding client expectations and objectives. 

Why Not Me Pets

#WhyNotMePets Logo
A Facebook post for an adoptable pet
A Facebook post for an adoptable pet
A Facebook post for an adoptable pet
Web content for Pawsitive Alliance

#WhyNotMePets is a local movement through Pawsitive Alliance--a non-profit organization committed to finding shelter and rescue animals forever homes--to help dogs and cats that have been in rescue or at the shelter for quite awhile find their perfect homes.

As the lead volunteer writer on this initiative, I am responsible for writing social posts, PetFinder posts, and website content for Pawsitive Alliance that promotes specific homeless animals in fun and interesting ways. Through talking with the caregivers of these animals, I am able to point out specific characteristics that are more likely to find them their forever homes. 


This initiative has been extremely successful: most of the animals featured as a #WhyNotMe pet are adopted quicker than those not featured, and to the right homes. It's extremely rewarding to know that I'm helping to make a difference in these animal's lives.

Microsoft Account

Intro to OneDrive Email
Supporting points for OneDrive email
Supporting points for OneDrive email

Microsoft Account allows you to access all of your Microsoft services--Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, and more--remotely and from practically any device. The problem: a lot of Microsoft product users don't know about Microsoft Account and the awesome features it offers.

As a freelance copywriter for this project, I was tasked with writing copy for emails describing the specific features of Microsoft Account and how they were beneficial to consumers, to further drive overall customer engagement.


The example included is an email about OneDrive. We completed similar emails for Skype and Office 365, to further drive awareness of Microsoft Account's many components, features, and benefits.

Lynnwood Honda

Lynnwood Honda is a prominent Honda Dealership in Lynnwood, Washington. Their goal: to sell quality cars at quality prices.

While working as a copywriter at Destination Marketing, we were tasked with creating commercials for Lynnwood Honda featuring existing and past customers, to promote the dealership as one that cares deeply about customers and offers amazing service and product. 

The example commercial shown is one that I compiled. I selected the interview clips, b roll footage, and wrote the text call-outs. 

Sono Bello

Landing page for Sono Bello
Landing page for Sono Bello

A leader in laser lyposuction procedures, Sono Bello is consistently looking for new clients.

While working as a copywriter at Destination Marketing, my job was to write copy to promote various Sono Bello promotions, whether for a landing page or radio commercial, to increase awareness and the number of new customers.

The examples provided include copy I wrote for two different online landing pages. These campaigns successfully met--and exceeded--client expectations and objectives.

1st Security Bank
Print ad in local business journal

1st Security Bank is a prominent bank in the Puget Sound area.

While working as a copywriter at Destination Marketing, we were tasked with re-branding and re-establishing 1st Security Bank as the bank to trust. Specifically, I crafted copy to support this effort, for print ads, brochures, their website, and more.

The example shown is a print ad that ran in a local business journal. This ad helped to showcase 1st Security Bank as the bank people should choose to meet their needs, and ultimately brought in more customers to the bank.

Windows Secrets

Wacky Web Week example
Wacky Web Week example

Windows Secrets is an weekly online niche computer newsletter. With over 1000 subscribers, it's for the Microsoft wizzes who want to know more about Windows products.

While working as the Research Director there, one of my main responsibilities was writing the humor column for the weekly newsletter. It consisted of me finding an Internet video (appropriate for the demographic, of course), and writing a teaser blurb to encourage readers to open the video and watch it for a laugh.

Readers consistently expressed their thanks and gratitude for this bit of humor, and it was one of my favorite parts of my job.

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